Jacob Martin Pinot Noir Willamette Valley -- Pinotguy 93+ Points
Jacob Martin

Jacob Martin Pinot Noir Willamette Valley -- Pinotguy 93+ Points

Regular price $34.00
2018 Jacob Martin Pinot Noir
Willamette Valley
$34 / bottle
Pinotguy 93+ Points

This new pinot is the product of Jake Kinney, son of Matt, of McKinlay fame. So, we can fairly call him a second-generation winemaker. Thus it is no surprise that he makes good wine. But this particular bottling is a rather dramatic statement attesting to his abilities.

The wine is terrific, and it is also terrifically structured. The tannins are fine-grained and precise, but also voluminous. I kept this bottle on my kitchen counter for FIVE DAYS without even a cork in it, and it got better and better. By the time I finished the bottle on DAY FIVE it was showing off huge amounts of delicious fruit, with great depth and complexity, and a highly aromatic nose -- all without a hint of oxidation. So . . . this is for folks who like pinot noir at scale. Or who can decant it for an extended period. Or, who wait at least a few years for it to integrate more. My personal recommendation is, decant this the day before you want to drink it, or cellar it for a solid five years, or do the kitchen counter thing described above. Regardless, when you drink it, you will agree that this is a LOT of wine for the money. 

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