Beaux Frères  Pinot Noir Beaux Freres Vineyard Second Cousins 2019
Beaux Frères

Beaux Frères Pinot Noir Beaux Freres Vineyard Second Cousins 2019

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2019 Beaux Freres Pinot Noir Second Cousin
36 / bottle

This is a new, and unique wine from the team at Beaux Freres. I encourage you to READ THE NOTES from the winery before buying this wine.

From the winery: "Those who have come across our “Les Cousins” Pinot Noir know it is a very nice everyday-style wine mostly comprised of sourced fruit from vineyards around the Willamette Valley. The wine features barrels that were a bit eccentric; just not exactly falling in line with our expectations for classic Beaux Frères Pinot Noir. Les Cousins can sometimes be found on restaurant wine lists, and it is usually at a very accessible price.

"Well, The Second Cousin is a wine of similar eccentricity, but in this case there’s an extra twist!

"In the process of putting together the plan for each barrel from the 2019 vintage, our winemaking team (led by second-generation Winemaker Mike D. Etzel and Associate Winemaker Aaron Kendall) recognized a unique detail marking six of the barrels. Upon close inspection, a hint of Brettanomyces, or “Brett” as wine geeks call it, peeked through the aromatics.

"As a yeast strain often considered a fault in wines, Brett can be a controversial topic. On one hand, in large quantities it can be quite unpleasant and distract from other features such as fruitiness. But when present in tiny amounts, Brett can add a fascinating element — a beauty mark of sorts — that makes a wine distinct. For this reason, wine aficionados, sommeliers, and those who enjoy wines of unique character are often quite intrigued by wines that show a bit of Brett.

"In any case, we found these barrels added up to a worthy bottling to be enjoyed right away with reckless abandon (not meant to be held for years like most of our other wines). If you’ve come across The Second Cousin, we hope you’ll find it lovable as can be."

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