2014 Patricia Green Pinot Noir 15th Anniversary Cuvee
$85 / bottle
Reserve Club Wine

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Summary:  Six barrels, 150 cases, stupendously good, destined to be a contender for wine of the vintage!

For only the second time in fifteen years, Patty Green and partner / winemaker Jim Anderson have blended an Anniversary Cuvee, labeled with a painting of Patricia Green herself. The wine was meticulously blended from a select set of barrels representing many of the winery’s top vineyard sources, and only 150 cases were made.

Once the cork is pulled and the wine poured, the aromas are deep, dark and show a sauvage character. On the palate, it is explosive, expansive and endlessly layered and complex, and so persistent on the palate there’s no point in talking about a ‘finish’ per se. Waves of fruit continue to saturate the palate as long as you can resist swallowing or spitting. This is a blockbuster pinot, laden with glorious fruit and fine structure, and may be the best Patricia Green Cellars wine I’ve tasted since their inception 15 years ago – and I’ve had all of them. The wine is destined to be a top bottling from 2014.

Jim’s notes convey a detailed sense of the blend, and are recreated here:

This wine is a combination of fruit from vineyards we hold dear. We have been fortunate over the years to assemble, in our minds, a great stable of vineyards from the best AVAs in Oregon. We were blessed to have the 2014 vintage and our 15th vintage at Patricia Green Cellars produce striking wines that are both beautiful in their youth but should stand the test of time with ease. The blend is composed of:

• 1 barrel Estate Vineyard, Winery Block: This is the oldest planting on the Estate Vineyard and 2nd oldest vineyard in the Ribbon Ridge AVA as it was established in 1984. While this block has the same talc-y, marine sedimentary soil as the rest of the vineyard, its half-the-way-down-the-hillside location gives it a deeper, denser and richer subsoil. This makes for some of the most concentrated and complex wine that comes off of the property.

• 1 barrel containing a half barrel of Balcombe Vineyard, Block 1A and a half barrel of what we will tell you is the Mysterious Vineyard (there is a bottling of this wine on its own in 2014 as there was in 2009). Balcombe Vineyard is the vineyard we have worked with the longest having started with it in 1997 at our former place of employ. These two Dundee Hill AVA vineyards had about 30 gallons of wine apiece left over after filling their barrels up so they were combined and the result is a spectacular and true Dundee Hill Pinot Noir.

• 1 barrel Olenik Vineyard, Wadensvil Clone: We have been receiving fruit from Olenik Vineyard since 2009. Wadensvil is a clone we are particularly fond of for its grace, elegance and texture. This section of Olenik Vineyard was planted in 1991 and produces beautiful, feminine and discreet Pinot Noirs.

• 1 barrel Durant Vineyard, Bishop Block: We were lucky enough to end up with this particular section of this historical Dundee Hill Vineyard in 2010. Durant Vineyard was originally planted in 1973 making it one of the oldest vineyards in the state. The same family has owned and farmed the site since its inception. This is a truly mature and statuesque vineyard producing wines of incredible delicacy and complexity.

• 1 barrel Freedom Hill Vineyard, co-fermentation of Dijon 115 and Coury Clone: Freedom Hill Vineyard is unquestionably one of the great sites in the state. The combination of these two clones during fermentation brings out the best in both allowing for rich dark fruit from the 115 to mingle with the aromatic and highly textured nature of the Coury Clone.

• 1 barrel Freedom Hill Vineyard, Dijon 115 100% Whole Cluster Fermentation: One fermenter from Freedom Hill Vineyard was done with all the stems included. The results are purely magical.

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